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How to update the bios? Please click here.
Besides downloading the bios file, you also need the Flash Utility to flash bios rom. (For files before Aug 2001)

  • CPU support list
  • For more FAQs about BIOS relationship, click here please.
  • You won't need to update BIOS until the latest bios has improve / fix some functions.
  • You won't need to upgrade through all of the BIOS files, just upgrade to the latest one please and it will include all previous improvments.
  • The CMOS data will be lost after flashing the BIOS. You may need to enter the BIOS setup screen and configure your system information after rebooting the machine.

Motherboard>Socket 754>KV8 Pro

Bios Issue Date:2007/04/20
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Fixed an issue that the system may not boot when Sempron 2600+ (SDA2600AIO2BA) installed.
  2. Support Cool and Quiet function for Athlon 64 Rev.E6 processors.
  3. Enhanced compatibility with Areca 1110 PCI-X card.
  4. BIOS compiled date: 04/20/2007
Bios Issue Date:2006/05/17
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Support Cool and Quiet function for Athlon 64 Rev.E6 processors.
  2. Enhanced compatibility with Areca 1110 PCI-X card.
  3. BIOS compiled date: 05/17/2006
Bios Issue Date:2005/12/23
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Enhanced compatibility with certain VGA cards.
  2. Update VIA RAID BIOS to V4.93
  3. The "multiplier factor" adjusted function now works as intended.
  4. The "DRAM timing" adjusted function now works as intended.
  5. BIOS compiled date: 12/23/2005
BIOS: kv8p23.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2005/07/26
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Recalibrate CPU temperature.
  2. Add Rev.E6 CPU support.
  3. BIOS compiled date: 07/26/2005
BIOS: kv8p22.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2005/04/13
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Add AMD Rev. E CPU support.
  2. Add new DRAM timing items.
  3. BIOS compiled date: 04/13/2005
BIOS: kv8p21.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2005/02/14
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Add Sempron 2600+, 2800+, 3000+, 3300+ support.
  2. Fix minor DRAM timing issue.
  3. BIOS compiled date: 02/14/2005
BIOS: kv8p19.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/11/12
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Updated µGuru Utility to ukv8_022.bin.
  2. Added "Delay Transactions" item.
  3. Added "PCI Latency Timer function" item.
  4. Removed an error message that appears if the year is modified and a SAVE&EXIT is executed.
  5. Fixed an issue where pressing TAB key to skip the OSB logo caused the Memory Information & Memory Clock to be missing.
  6. Changed "USB 2.0 Controller" defaulted to "Enabled", and synchronized it with the "OnChip USB Controller" setting.
  7. Synchronized "DDR Voltage" & "SB Voltage" in the PC Health item if modified.
  8. Changed "Resume by OnChip USB" default to "Enabled".
  9. Changed "ACPI Suspend Type" default to "S3".
  10. Added DMI information.
  11. BIOS compile date: 11/12/2004
BIOS: kv8p17.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/10/12
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Updated µGuru Utility to KV8_020.BIN.
  2. Fixed some items that Voltage Monitoring can't modify.
  3. Support D0 stepping CPUs.
  4. Fixed some items that FAN EQ cant adjust.
  5. Updated SATA ROM to v4.31.
  6. Fixed an issue that pressing the TAB key to cancel OSB logo would into a SATA setup menu.
  7. Fixed an issue where after setting CPU frequencies, 1 MHz would be missing.
  8. Calibrated CPU temperature.
  9. BIOS compile date: 10/12/2004
BIOS: kv8p16.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/07/29
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Sempron CPU support.
  2. Updated µGuru Utility to uKV8_018.BIN.
  3. Modified "LDT Bus Frequency" item from FSBx5, x4, x3, x2 to x1, and removed "Auto" selection.
  4. Added FSB up to 400 MHz & enhanced stability over 300 MHz.
  5. Removed HyperTransport Voltage 1.4V.
  6. Added "Fixed (74Mhz)" in AGP Ratio item.
  7. Fixed an issue where the "LDT & PCI Bus Control" item’s "16bit" function would fail.
  8. BIOS compile date: 07/29/2004
BIOS: kv8p15.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/06/16
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Support CPU multiplier adjustable (for KV8 Pro v1.1 only).
  2. Fixed an issue where the PS/2 wheel mouse does not respond under certain conditions:
    1. Using certain PS/2 wheel mice and certain USB keyboards.
    2. PS/2 wheel mouse works fine but loses response on 1st, 3rd, and 5th.... time restarting windows. However, it works fine on 2nd, 4th…. windows restart.
    3. For "PS/2 wheel mouse + PS/2 keyboard" and "USB wheel mouse + USB keyboard ", there no problems at all.
  3. Fixed the issue that system may shutdown when CPU FAN disconnected even if CPU FAN SPEED monitoring disabled.
  4. Synchronize with Hardware monitor value, if Voltage value changed.
  5. When S3 resume CPU Clock back to pervious mode.
  6. Increase CPU FSB to 336MHz.
  7. Set the low limit value of CPU Voltage warning.
  8. Preset AGP RATIO DEFAULT to FIXED. (for KV8 Pro v1.1 only)
  9. Fixed the issue that CPU multiplier unable to load default.
  10. BIOS compile date: 06/16/2004
BIOS: kv8p14.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/05/22
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. System will load fail-safe default by pressing "F1" after CMOS is cleared.
  2. Fixed the issue that system may hang when accessing to ABIT EQ at certain situation.
  3. Fixed CPU temperature too high issue for some types of AMD CPU.
  4. Revised the maximum DRAM voltage to 2.8V.
  5. Revised default NB voltage to 1.55V.
  6. BIOS compile date: 05/22/2004
BIOS: kv8p11.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/04/21
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Please use the AWDFLASH v8.24F flash utility to update KV8-Pro BIOS.
  2. Fixed an issue with FP-USB2 failure.
  3. BIOS compile date: 04/21/2004
BIOS: kv8p10.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/03/04
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Please use the AWDFLASH v8.24F flash utility to update the KV8-Pro BIOS.
  2. First release.
  3. BIOS compile date: 03/04/2004

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