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abit Vista

IP43 Intel Quad Core, Intel P43
IX48 GT3 Intel Core™ 2 Extreme/Quad/Duo, Intel X48
FunFab P80-A1 digital Photo Frame Printer
FunFab P80-W1 digital Photo Frame Printer
FunFab P71-A1 digital Photo Frame Printer
FunFab P71-A2 digital Photo Frame Printer
November 14,2008
Congratulations to The Winners of abit’s First Taiwan FunFab Roadshow
"2 lucky winners take home a FunFab P71-A2!"

Octobor 27, 2008- abit had their first “FunFab Taiwan Roadshow” on October 13 and October 16 at Nangang Software park and Xizhi respectively. To introduce the world’s first digital photo frame printer, the abit FunFab, abit showed this innovative combination of a stylish digital photo frame and a lab-quality photo printer, encouraging the audience to experience the easy-of-use and the convenience of the abit FunFab themselves.
November 14,2008
The abit FunFab at IndoComtech2008, Booth C10, 11
"Join the costume party and have your perfect looks printed immediately"

November 12, 2008–From November 12 to 16, the biggest event in Indonesia, IndoComtech 2008, will be presented at Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center. abit and its distributor, PT Spectrum Utama, will together bring the best and the latest products to all visitors this year.
November 14,2008
abit FunFab: Best Wishes to The Newlyweds
"Spicing up your wedding party with the abit FunFab"

November 6, 2008- The abit FunFab is becoming increasingly popular whereever people are coming together. Another example of its versatile usage was a large wedding event last Saturday, enriching the fun of the newlyweds and their guests. The digital picture frame with its integrated lab-quality photo printer let’s you print out the picture you took with a simple click of a button. Within less than a minute’s time the photo is in your hands.
October 28,2008
abit FunFab Meets Fashion & Finance
"Photos with your stars in less than a minute"

October 22, 2008– During abit’s Taiwan roadshow the abit FunFab made stop at the Taipei Westin Hotel to take part in BGC Partners’ financial VIP soiree during October 17th. BGC Partners is an internationally renown investment company and held their yearly VIP evening to celebrate the success of 2008 with their investors and partners.
October 03,2008
rAge Exposition- abit GO! FunFab GO!
"Check out the FunFab at Sonic Informed, at stand EE"

October 2, 2008 – If you haven’t had an opportunity to experience the rich features of the FunFab, abit’s latest CE product, a digital photo frame printer, then you can’t miss the chance at rAge Exposition held at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa on 3 - 5 October 2008.

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