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How to update the bios? Please click here.
Besides downloading the bios file, you also need the Flash Utility to flash bios rom. (For files before Aug 2001)

  • CPU support list
  • For more FAQs about BIOS relationship, click here please.
  • You won't need to update BIOS until the latest bios has improve / fix some functions.
  • You won't need to upgrade through all of the BIOS files, just upgrade to the latest one please and it will include all previous improvments.
  • The CMOS data will be lost after flashing the BIOS. You may need to enter the BIOS setup screen and configure your system information after rebooting the machine.

Motherboard>Socket 478>IS-10

BIOS: is1220.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2005/05/31
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Enhanced DRAM compatibility.
  2. Set default DRAM voltage to 2.60V.
  3. Set default RTC year to 2005.
  4. Fixed the issue that system cannot install OS with a 300GB harddisk.
  5. BIOS compiled date: 05/31/2005
BIOS: is1219.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2005/04/14
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Fixed the issue that some 3.2GHz CPU will be recognized as 2.8GHz.
  2. Set the default DRAM voltage to 2.60V after clear CMOS.
  3. Change the default RTC year to 2005.
  4. Enhanced DRAM compatibility.
  5. BIOS compiled date: 04/14/2005
BIOS: is1218.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2005/02/21
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Added new item "Game Accelerator".
  2. Added new item "CPU FAN Fail Alarm".
  3. Added DRAM "Dual Channel" or "Single Channel" string during post screen.
  4. Update CPU microcode.
  5. BIOS compiled date: 02/21/2005
BIOS: is1217.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/08/16
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Updated CPU micro code.
  2. BIOS compile date: 08/16/2004
BIOS: is1216.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/04/27
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Added AWDFLASH v8.32 support for the "ALT+F2" hot key function.
  2. Changed the default year to 2004.
  3. Updated CPU micro code.
  4. Revised wording for the "CPU Shutdown Temperature" Item.
  5. Calibrated CPU temperature.
  6. Reserved the setting of date & time after Clean CMOS.
  7. Fixed an issue where the PS/2 wheel mouse does not respond under certain conditions:
    1. Using certain PS/2 wheel mice and certain USB keyboards.
    2. PS/2 wheel mouse works fine but loses response on 1st, 3rd, 5th.... time restarting windows. However, it works fine on 2nd, 4th.... windows restart.
    3. For "PS/2 wheel mouse + PS/2 keyboard" and "USB wheel mouse + USB keyboard ", there no problems at all.
  8. BIOS compile date: 04/27/2004
BIOS: is1215.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/02/23
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Please use the AWDFLASH v8.24F flash utility to update IS-10 / IS-11 / IS-12/IS-20 BIOS.
  2. First release for IS-20.
  3. Removed the "32MB" option from BIOS item "Frame Buffer Size".
  4. Fixed incorrect voltage display in "DDR VT Voltage" and "AGP VDDQ Voltage".
  5. Revised CPU Warning Temperature upper limit to 95 degrees and set default to 85 degrees.
  6. Revised CPU Shutdown Temperature upper limit to 100 degrees and set default to 95 degrees.
  7. Fixed an issue where CPU temperature would be detected wrong after resuming from S3 mode.
  8. BIOS compile date: 02/23/2004
BIOS: is1214.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/01/14
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Please use the AWDFLASH v8.24F flash utility to update IS-10 / IS-11 / IS-12 BIOS.
  2. Revised "Initial Display First" option from "AGP" to "Onboard/AGP".
  3. Removed "An Energy Star Ally" string and EPA logo.
  4. Removed BIOS protect option.
  5. Added shared memory size display.
  6. Revised some help information.
  7. Changed default RTC year to 2004.
  8. BIOS compile date: 01/14/2004
BIOS: is1212.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2003/11/19
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Please use the AWDFLASH v8.24F flash utility to update IS-10/IS-11 /IS-12 BIOS.
  2. Added Intel P4 Extreme Edition support.
  3. Added CPU brand name on the POST screen.
  4. Fixed a problem where the system cannot boot into Windows if
    1. The OS is installed on the SATA hard disk when both the SATA and PATA hard disks are present.
    2. The PATA hard disk is removed after the OS installation.
  5. Hid the On board VGA options when AGP card is installed.
  6. Revised some DMI information.
  7. BIOS compile date: 11/19/2003
BIOS: is1211.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2003/08/26
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Please use flash utility AWDFLASH v8.24F to update IS-10/IS-11/IS-12 BIOS.
  2. Fixed the system hang-up problem that choose "Save and Exit Setup" in BIOS Setup Menu by USB keyboard.
  3. Revised the chipset wording to "i865G" in BIOS information.
  4. Changed the option wordings of "Boot Device" from "ZIP100" to "ZIP100/250" and from "USB-ZIP" to "USB-ZIP/LS120".
  5. Changed the display location of wordings below the Intel On-Screen Branding LOGO.
  6. Automatically removed the "Onboard 1394 controller" item inside BIOS setup page for IS-10 and IS-11. (Only IS-12 features onboard 1394 controller)
  7. Fixed "Unknown Flash Type" message during updating ESCD for ST Flash ROM "M50FW040 K1 SBS4R032D".
  8. Revised the wording of memory status from "DDR at Bank" to "DDR at DIMM" in system configuration table.
  9. BIOS Compile date: 8/26/2003.
BIOS: is1210.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2003/07/30
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Please use flash utility AWDFLASH v8.24F to update IS-10/IS-11/IS-12 BIOS.
  2. First Release.
  3. BIOS Compile Date: 7/30/2003
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