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    BIOSファイルをダウンロードする際にはさらにflash bios romのFlash Utility が必要になります。(2001年8月以前のファイル)

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    • 全てのBIOSファイルをアップグレードする必要はございません。最新のものにアップグレードするだけで以前のものよりも改善されます。

    Bios Issue Date:2007/05/23
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:20
    1. CPUの温度を調整できる。
    2. BIOS更新日: 05/23/2007。
    Bios Issue Date:2006/08/11
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:19
    1. The Geforce7950GX2 now works as intended with 4GB memories
    2. BIOS compiled date: 08/11/2006
    Bios Issue Date:2006/05/22
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:17
    1. Support Pentium EE 965.
    2. Fixed the issue that IDE HDDs may not be detected after clearing CMOS.
    3. Enhanced compatibility with Pentium 4 EE Processors.
    4. Enhanced compatibility with certain memories.
    5. BIOS compiled date: 05/22/2006
    Bios Issue Date:2006/01/23
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:16
    1. Enhanced compatibility with certain DDR2-667 memories.
    2. Update CPU micro code.
    3. The POST screen now show correctly when ATI X1300 VGA card installed.
    4. BIOS compiled date: 1/23/2006

    Bios Issue Date:2005/11/30
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:15
    1. Support Presler/ Cedar Mill CPU.
    2. Support DDR2-800.
    3. Support four 2GB memory.
    4. Enhanced compatibility with certain PCI SCSI cards.
    5. BIOS compiled date: 11/30/2005
    BIOS: aw814.exe  
    Bios Issue Date:2005/10/04
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:14
    1. System now can resume from S3 without problem.
    2. Add new item "Disable unused PCI clock" enable/disable" function.
    3. The function "On-Chip Audio Controller" now works as intended.
    4. Update CPU micro code
    5. BIOS compiled date: 10/04/2005
    BIOS: aw813.exe  
    Bios Issue Date:2005/09/13
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:13
    1. Fixed the issue that the system may not be able to boot up from SiliconImage RAID controller when Intel RAID BIOS is enabled.
    2. Memory frequency will be shown correctly when N/B Strap CPU as is set to "By CPU"
    3. Pentium Extreme edition CPU now works as intended when HT is set disabled.
    4. Enhanced DRAM compatibility.
    5. Add new item "On chip SATA RAID BIOS" enable/disable" function.
    6. BIOS compiled date: 09/13/2005
    BIOS: aw812.exe  
    Bios Issue Date:2005/07/29
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:12
    1. Enhanced DRAM compatibility.
    2. Pentium D 840 now shows correct core voltage and frequency in the BIOS.
    3. The color of the phone jack in the driver now matches the back panel.
    4. Update CPU micro code.
    5. Fixed the issue that the frequencies of a dual core processor may be different when C1E and EIST is set disabled.
    6. BIOS compiled date: 07/29/2005
    BIOS: aw811.exe  
    Bios Issue Date:2005/07/12
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:11
    1. Pentium D processors now can be correctly detected by the BIOS.
    2. Add FSB 533MHz CPU support.
    3. tRAS will be shown correctly now.
    4. Fixed the issue that Windows can only recognize 2GB memory when there are 4GB installed.
    5. Add new item "EIST Function".
    6. BIOS compiled date: 07/12/2005

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