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No website about a computer company would be complete without a section on Research. At ABIT we trace our success through the success of our products, this means we have to be totally committed to research. Our R&D team is so  important that we moved our headquarters so we could expand it. Now all of ABIT departments are in one building. This allows rapid feedback and acts as a catalyst for constant improvement.

ABIT has a strong history of world's first's: the worldfirst Vesa Local Bus SCSI controller at COMDEX,  the world's first umperless?technology in 1996, quickly followed by the patented SoftMenu™, But the pace of innovation has not slowed. Later releases included the first 440BX motherboard in the world, and the world's first dual Celeron motherboard, Also in 1999, ABIT produced the world's first ATA66 for the BX motherboard.

This year ABIT will launch a number of new products. So far at CeBIT ABIT has released our P4 motherboard the TH7-RAID, as well as the world's first universal motherboards, the VH6T and the ST6-RAID. As the year progresses expect even more great products!

All of these achievements are only possible through continuous investment. That is why we continually increase our research budget, year after year. From 1996 to 2000 ABIT R&Dspending increased 480 percent!

That is why we are committed to being an industry leader, not a follower.
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