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 AirPace Music

AirPace sets the trend in Wireless musical streaming. Modify your home into an awesome digital musical wireless studio for either 2.1 or 5.1 surround sound setups. All done through our unique AirPace Access Point (AP), designed to make your life easier, with freedom from wires, and ordinary restrictions created by current home setups.

Stream music directly from your PC's software music player (WinAmp, iTunes, etc) through your wireless LAN card directly to the Universal abit AirPace client, where 2.1 or 5.1 speakers can tap off directly – both analog and S\P DIF outputs are available for ease of use. USB MP3 players, iPOD and other peripheral devices can also be used as digital music content for your streamed music.

In addition if you use the AirPace as a dedicated AP, then music content can be streamed directly from the internet to your PC, and furthermore, played back to the AirPace for wireless clarity and dedicated frequency responses through all standard speaker ranges. The compression algorithm uniquely Universal abit in design, gives you crystal clear high definition sounds in a wireless, and trouble free environment. Setup is trouble free and intuitive with our unique easy-to-use setup wizard. Follow the prompts and experience lossless wireless streamed music at your convenience. Universal abit - Forging Forward.

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