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    You may want to know:
    How to update the bios? Please click here.
    Besides downloading the bios file, you also need the Flash Utility to flash bios rom. (For files before Aug 2001)

    • CPU support list
    • For more FAQs about BIOS relationship, click here please.
    • You won't need to update BIOS until the latest bios has improve / fix some functions.
    • You won't need to upgrade through all of the BIOS files, just upgrade to the latest one please and it will include all previous improvments.

    Bios Issue Date:2006/05/07
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:28
    1. Support DRAM Command Rate adjusting function for ADA3700DKA5CF and ADA4000DKA5CF.
    2. Enhanced compatibility with Areca 1110 PCI-X storage card.
    3. BIOS compiled date: 05/07/2006
    Bios Issue Date:2006/02/23
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:27
    1. Aggiustato il problema del sistema che poteva non avviarsi quando era installato il processore di Rev. E
    2. Migliorata la compatibilità con alcune PCI RAID cards.
    3. Supporto FX60.
    4. Data di compilazione del BIOS: 02/23/2006
    Bios Issue Date:2005/11/08
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:26
    1. Migliorata la compatibilità con alcune carte VGA.
    2. Migliorata la compatibilità con alcune carte PCI SCSI.
    3. Aggiunge nuovo supporto CPU.
    4. Data di compilazione del BIOS: 11/08/2005
    BIOS: av824.exe  
    Bios Issue Date:2005/07/28
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:24
    1. Fixed the issue that with certain VGA card does not work with four 1GB RAM modules.
    2. DRAM Command Rate, Row Refresh Cycle Time, Read to Write Delay now work as intended.
    3. Recalibrate CPU temperature.
    4. System now can resume from S3 without problem.
    5. BIOS compiled date: 07/28/2005
    BIOS: av822.exe  
    Bios Issue Date:2005/07/04
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:22
    1. Cool n' Quiet now works as intended.
    2. Disable Cool n' Quiet function when the multiplier is manually changed in the BIOS.3
    3. BIOS compiled date: 07/04/2005
    BIOS: av821.exe  
    Bios Issue Date:2005/06/16
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:21
    1. Update code base to 5/31 award code
    2. Update MCT2
    3. Support dualcore cpu
    4. Fix "CMOS Checksum fail message" when select DRAM Timing value.
    5. Delete "workstation" at POST
    6. Full screen logo
    7. Fixed "can not load SATA , LAN ROM issue"
    BIOS: av820.exe  
    Bios Issue Date:2005/04/20
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:20
    1. Add AMD Rev. E CPU support.
    2. Add new DRAM timing items.
    3. BIOS compiled date: 04/20/2005
    BIOS: av819.exe  
    Bios Issue Date:2005/01/19
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:19
    1. Aggiunge il supporto alla RocketBoy AV8.
    2. Cambia l'anno di default RTC al 2005.
    3. Corregge problemi di DRAM timing.
    4. Data di compilazione del BIOS: 01/19/2005
    BIOS: av817.exe  
    Bios Issue Date:2004/11/12
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:17
    1. Updated µGuru Utility to uav8_019.bin.
    2. Updated SATA ROM.
    3. Added "Delay Transactions" item.
    4. Added "PCI Latency Timer function" item.
    5. Removed an error message that appears if the year is modified and a SAVE&EXIT is executed.
    6. Fixed an issue where pressing TAB key to skip the OSB logo caused the Memory Information & Memory Clock to be missing.
    7. Changed "USB 2.0 Controller" defaulted to "Enabled", and synchronized it with the "OnChip USB Controller" setting.
    8. Synchronized "DDR Voltage" & "SB Voltage" in the PC Health item if modified.
    9. Changed "Resume by OnChip USB" default to "Enabled".
    10. Changed "ACPI Suspend Type" default to "S3".
    11. Added DMI information.
    12. Calibrated CPU temperature.
    13. Added "Dual Channel Enabled 128bit" when in Dual Channel mode.
    14. BIOS compile date: 11/12/2004
    BIOS: av816.exe  
    Bios Issue Date:2004/10/12
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:16
    1. Incrementata compatibilità con D0 passando FX-55 e 3200+ CPUs.
    2. Data compilazione BIOS: 10/12/2004
    BIOS: av815.exe  
    Bios Issue Date:2004/09/17
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:15
    1. Aggiornato Guru™ Utility per uAV8_017.BIN.
    2. Aggiornato CPU micro codice.
    3. Calibrata la temperatura della CPU.
    4. Calibrata la funzione "Delay IDE Initial".
    5. Default ACPI Suspend Type cambiato in S3.
    6. Risolto un beep d'attenzione anormale.
    7. BIOS aggiornato al 09/17/2004
    BIOS: av814.exe  
    Bios Issue Date:2004/09/03
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:14
    1. Updated uGuru Utility to uAV8_015.BIN.
    2. Fixed non-adjustable "Shutdown Temp" & "Beep Temp" items in ABIT-EQ Temperature Monitoring.
    3. Calibrated certain CPU frequency issues.
    4. BIOS compile date: 09/03/2004
    BIOS: av812.exe  
    Bios Issue Date:2004/05/25
    Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
    BIOS ID:12
    1. First Release.
    2. BIOS compile date: 05/25/2004

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