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 IX48 GT3

  • LGA 775
  • Intel® X48 Express
  • FSB 1333/1066
  • Dual DDR3 1333
  • PCI-E X16
  • 7.1 CH HD Audio
  • SilentOTES™ Tech
  • µGuru™ Tech
  • RoHS Compliancy
  •   Specifications
    X48 Chipset -Speed up to FSB 1333 and faster

    With Intel®’s brand new enthusiast X48 chipset, you are prepared for the latest 45nm Core™ 2 Extreme/Quad/Duo processors with up to 1333 FSB and faster. A total of 8GB DDR3 1333 MHz system memory offers maximum expandability for this latest memory standard. Dual X16 PCI-E 2.0 offers highest bandwidth for hard core gaming.

    New Generation
    Digital PWM
    - cool and stable for a longer life
    With the new Smart-Slave technology the power switch frequency can effectively be quadrupled over conventional PWMs. Digital PWMs offer most precise and consistent voltage supply for reduced power consumption, less heat and increased components' life. New Generation Digital PWMs provide maximum accuracy for the best computing experience ever, noise interferences are avoided and energy efficiency is highly increased by realizing ideal resistance ratings (low RDS) during charge-discharge power switching.
    New Generation PCI-E2.0 with CrossFireX Support - Supports new generation PCIE X16 for better graphics performance
    • New generation PCI-E X16 2.0
    • 2 x PCI-E X16 slots support latest dual graphics CrossFireXtechnologies, providing the ultimate visual experience.
    DDR3 Memory 1333 DIMMS - Enhance the performance and save power consumption!
    Support up to a maximum of 8 GB of dual channel DDR3 1333 memory in 4 DIMM slots. DDR3 saves up to 25% power consumption while scalability and performance are tremendously enhanced.
    OC Force OTES Cooling - abit’s unique cooling technology
    • New cooling technology offering the most comprehensive full-board cooling scheme for all mission-critical components.
    • Copper base and dual-heatpipe combo solution make the best cooling equipment.
    HDMI Audio Ready Header -Supports HDMI Ready VGA card
    A special 3-pin HDMI audio header provides High Definition S/PDIF audio to be connected with HDMI ready VGA cards, offering crisp HD multi-channel surround sound.
    100% Low ESR Solid State
    -For Best Stability
    These advanced capacitors consist of conductive polymer and therefore offer a vast range of advantages such as higher temperature tolerance, higher ripple current and improved frequency characteristics over conventional electrolytic capacitors.

        * 100% Solid State Capacitors
        * Best CPU and Memory Performance and Overclockability

    Onboard On/Off
    & Reset Buttons
    - Installation and testing is a snap
    The onboard on/off and reset switches allow for testing your system before installing into your case
    EZ CCMOS Buttonn - Get back on track with ease
    Clear the CMOS directly from the back panel, using abit’s innovative new EZ button. If you are pushing your hardware to the extreme and experiment with risky settings, you now have an easy and convenient way to go back to safe ground.
    2x e-SATA 3Gb/s - Fast and Flexible
    e-SATA is a new standard for external storage devices. With an external data transfer rate of up to 3 Gb/s. No other external data transfer solution can compete in speed and ease of use.
    Right Angle SATA Connectors - More convenience and ease
    Keeping cables neatly arranged at the motherboard edges prevents any possible obstructions for add-on cards by the SATA-cables.

  • Designed for Intel® socket 775 processors with 1333/1066 MHz FSB
  • Support Intel® Core 2 Extreme & Core™ 2 Quad & Core™ 2 Duo & Pentium® Dual Core & Celeron® Dual Core
  • Chipset
  • Intel® X48 Express/ICH9R
  • Memory
  • 4 X 240-pin DIMM sockets support max. memory capacity 8GB
  • Supports Dual channel DDR3 1333/ 800/667 Un-buffered Non-ECC memory
  • LAN
  • On board PCI Gigabit LAN controller supports 10/100/1000M Ethernet
  • Audio
  • On board 7.1 CH Dolby/DTS HD Audio CODEC
  • Supports optical S/PDIF In/Out
  • HDMI Audio ready header
  • Expansion Slots
  • 2 x PCI-E X16, 1 x PCI-E X16 (X4 bandwidth), 1 x PCI-E X1, 2 x PCI
  • Internal I/O
  • 1 x Floppy Port supports up to 2.88 MB
  • 1 x ATA 133/100/66 IDE connector
  • 6 x SATA 3Gb/s connector
  • 1 x IEEE1394, 4 x USB header (support 8 ports)
  • 1 x FP-Audio
  • Back Panel I/O
  • 1 x PS/2 Keyboard, 1 x PS/2 Mouse
  • abit OTES™
  • 1 x S/P DIF In, 1 x S/P DIF Out, 2 x eSATA
  • 7.1 CH Audio connector (Front, Line-in, MIC-in, Center/Subwoofer, Surround, Rear Surround)
  • 4 x USB 2.0, 1 x 1394, 1 x RJ-45 LAN connector
  • Clear CMOS Button
  • Serial ATA
  • 6 x SATA 3Gb/s offer by Intel® ICH9R support Intel® Matrix Storage Tech(AHCI & RAID0/1/5/10) Command Based Port Multiplier
  • 2 x SATA 3Gb/s offer by JMicron® JMB363 support up to 0,1JBOD RAID function
  • IEEE 1394
  • PCI controller supports 2 Ports IEEE 1394
  • Form Factor
  • ATX form factor 305 x 245mm
  • PCB Color: Black
  • RoHS
  • 100% lead-free process and RoHS compliant
  • abit Engineered
  • abit µGuru™ Technology
  • abit OTES™ Technology
  • 100% Low ESR solid capacitor
  • Back Blue LED
  • Quick Power/Reset button
  • Digital PWM
  • EZ CCMOS Button
  • R-angle SATA connector
  • abit Engineered

    abit Engineered

    abit µGuru
    By enabling AutoDrive, you can define dedicated BIOS settings for specific software applications. This means when you play games or use a powerful multimedia editing program, you can use abit’s Guru technology to automatically switch into Turbo mode once you launch the respective application. You are done with your game and want to enjoy music. Start your media player and have Guru switch into Quiet mode.

    • Overclocking Mode Options
    • Windows-Based Overclocking Utility
    • µGuru™ in the BIOS
    • Back To Default Once Overclocking Faile


    abit Engineered OC Guru - AutoDrive™
    By enabling AutoDrive, you can automatically apply different overclocking settings for different applications.
    abit Engineered

    Hardware Monitoring
    Monitor temperatures, voltages and fan settings in real time and with zero CPU usage.

    Dedicated fan control
    Keep control over your hardware.

    abit Fan EQ™ helps you keep an eye on your motherboard fans.

    abit Engineered One Click BIOS Update
    With abit's BIOS flash utility you can easily update your motherboard BIOS online or offline.
    abit Engineered Auto-Detect Hardware Info
    The abit BlackBox auto-detects hardware info for quick communication between users and abit Tech support.

    abit Engineered abit SoftMenu™
    The original jumperless motherboard design allows for CPU setting changes completely through the BIOS. For GigaOverclocking! Boost your PC's Performance by up to 50%. Convenient and easy-to-use fine tuning from within a self-explanatory BIOS menu.

    abit Engineered abit CPU ThermalGuard™
    The abit CPU ThermalGuard™technology prevents the CPU from overheating and burning up in the case of any hardware cooling malfunction. This hardware thermal protection automatically shuts down your system when the CPU temperature reaches a certain threshold


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