How to Use ABIT BlackBox™
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March 19, 2004 - ABIT's new BlackBox™ is a revolutionary new feature within ABIT's µGuru™ processor that provides the highest level of tech support available for any desktop motherboard. With BlackBox™, users get a comprehensive Windows-based interface that allows ABIT users to communicate with ABIT Tech Support engineers far more effectively. With BlackBox™ any problems with setting up an ABIT motherboard can be dealt with more quickly and easily, allowing ABIT users to get back to tweaking, overclocking and gaming.

Why ABIT Black Box?

Because BlackBox™ gives ABIT users better service. Problems can be solved more quickly, letting end-users get back to using and abusing their ABIT boards. BlackBox™ will auto-detect all hardware and software and attach this in an email to ABIT Tech Support.

The more information that is provided by end users in BlackBox™, the more likely ABIT tech support will be able to solve the problem quickly. Most problems are well known or can be diagnosed by setting up a configuration in the ABIT labs that is similar to the end users. After users have auto-detected their system configuration, they need only to click one button to send all of the information to ABIT Tech Support.

With this guide, users can get the most out of BlackBox™ equipped ABIT motherboards.

To begin, right-click the µGuru icon from the system tray and select "BlackBox".
This is the first BlackBox™ screen you"ll see. From here, we"ll have to detect our system configuration.
Detecting your system configuration is easy with BlackBox™. Just click "Auto Detect" and let BlackBox™ do the work!
Here, you can help ABIT Tech Support by filling in some information such as power supply type and RAM configuration.
Here is where you fill in some basic information about yourself, including name and an e-mail where you can be reached. A detailed description of the issue you are facing is very helpful as well.
To submit this information, click "Send to ABIT".

This will open up your default e-mail program, and automatically attach with it your full system configuration for ABIT Tech Support.

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