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How to update the bios? Please click here.
Besides downloading the bios file, you also need the Flash Utility to flash bios rom. (For files before Aug 2001)

  • CPU support list
  • For more FAQs about BIOS relationship, click here please.
  • You won't need to update BIOS until the latest bios has improve / fix some functions.
  • You won't need to upgrade through all of the BIOS files, just upgrade to the latest one please and it will include all previous improvments.
  • The CMOS data will be lost after flashing the BIOS. You may need to enter the BIOS setup screen and configure your system information after rebooting the machine.

Motherboard>Socket 478>AI7

BIOS: ai719.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/11/03
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Added adjustable MAX & MIN multiplier item for certain retail INTEL CPUs.
  2. Updated CPU micro code.
  3. Supports certain SATA CDROMs when "OnChip Serial ATA" is running in "Enhanced Mode".
  4. Changed "CPU Alarm temperature" default to 85°C.
  5. BIOS compile date: 11/03/2004
BIOS: ai718.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/08/17
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Updated CPU micro code.
  2. BIOS compile date: 08/17/2004
BIOS: ai717.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/04/09
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Updated CPU Micro Code.
  2. Shows MAC Address of onboard LAN chip in System Configuration section if "Onboard Network Controller" is disabled.
  3. Added AWDFLASH v8.32 support for the "ALT+F2" hot key function.
  4. Enhanced compatibility with certain power supplies.
  5. Fixed an issue where the "OnChip SATA Raid Rom" item could not be disabled.
  6. BIOS compile date: 04/09/2004
BIOS: ai716.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/02/25
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Please use the AWDFLASH v8.24F flash utility to update the AI7 BIOS.
  2. Fixed a problem where the system cannot boot into Windows if
    1. The OS is installed on the SATA hard disk when both SATA and PATA hard disks are present.
    2. The PATA hard disk is removed after the OS installation.
  3. Added "CPU FAN Failed Warning" item.
  4. Updated Prescott CPU micro code.
  5. Updated Intel OSB logo.
  6. Changed the default year to 2004.
  7. Added "Full Screen LOGO Show" and replaced "Intel OnScreen Branding" item.
  8. Updated INTEL RAID BIOS to version
  9. BIOS compile date: 02/25/2004.
BIOS: ai714.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2003/11/10
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Please use flash utility AWDFLASH v8.24F to update AI7 BIOS.
  2. Added Pentium 4 Extreme Edition support.
  3. Disabled Winbond W83627HF sensor unit to prevent incorrect CPU voltage information shown in some third party software.
  4. Fixed the problem where the BIOS will show the string "AGP/PCI Frequency is 66/33MHz" twice after warm boot.
  5. Fixed the problem where certain CD/DVD-ROM could not be correctly detected when there is a HDD drive attached on the same IDE cable.
  6. Fixed the problem where system will reboot when the "Resume by Alarm" is enabled and the user pressed the power button to shutdown the system during POST.
  7. Fixed the problem where IDE devices cannot be detected correctly if TAB and DEL is pressed at the same time when entering the BIOS setup.
  8. Fixed the problem where HDD size is detected as 136GB when 200/250/300 GB SATA drives are connected to SATA1 or SATA2 (ICH5 SATA channels).
  9. Enhance system performance.
  10. BIOS compile date: 11/10/2003.
BIOS: ai713.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2003/10/15
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Please use flash utility AWDFLASH v8.24F to update AI7 BIOS.
  2. Fixed the problem "CPU Fan Fail Shutdown" fails to function.
  3. Fixed the problem "Restore On AC Power Loss" fails to function.
  4. Revise the "NB FanEQ Control" temperature range to 25~50℃.
  5. BIOS compile date: 10/15/2003.
BIOS: ai712.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2003/10/07
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Please use flash utility AWDFLASH v8.24F to update AI7 BIOS.
  2. Fixed the system hangs at post code 52h when using Media XP and Iomega USB ZIP 250.
  3. Fixed some string will not be shown on the POST screen when pressed TAB key to enter POST screen.
  4. Synchronize the external clock and voltage with OC Guru.
  5. Synchronize the options related to temperature monitoring and FanEQ with μGuru .
  6. Add CPU throttling function.
  7. BIOS compile date: 10/07/2003.
BIOS: ai711.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2003/09/23
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Please use flash utility AWDFLASH v8.24F to update AI7 BIOS.
  2. First release.
  3. BIOS compile date: 09/23/2003
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