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How to update the bios? Please click here.
Besides downloading the bios file, you also need the Flash Utility to flash bios rom. (For files before Aug 2001)

  • CPU support list
  • For more FAQs about BIOS relationship, click here please.
  • You won't need to update BIOS until the latest bios has improve / fix some functions.
  • You won't need to upgrade through all of the BIOS files, just upgrade to the latest one please and it will include all previous improvments.
  • The CMOS data will be lost after flashing the BIOS. You may need to enter the BIOS setup screen and configure your system information after rebooting the machine.


Bios Issue Date:2006/06/08
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Enhanced compatibility with certain memories.
  2. BIOS compiled date: 06/08/2006
Bios Issue Date:2006/01/17
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. The POST screen now show correctly when ATI X1300 VGA card installed.
  2. BIOS compiled date: 1/17/2006
BIOS: aa824.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2005/08/11
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Recalibrate CPU temperature.
  2. Enhance the IDE RAID card compatibility.
  3. BIOS compiled date: 08/11/2005
BIOS: aa823.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2005/04/18
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. The EIST function now works on an Intel 630 processor.
  2. Audio now works as intended after resuming from S3 mode.
  3. Add new CPU micro code.
  4. BIOS compiled date: 04/18/2005
BIOS: aa822.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2005/03/23
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Fixed the issue that system may hang when pressing ALT-F2 at full screen logo screen.
  2. Fixed minor wording issue when CPU with 2M L2 cache is installed.
  3. Change the adjustable FSB range to 500MHz.
  4. Added new item "Execute Disable Bit" and set the default to "Disable".
  5. Added EIST control item.
  6. Add "C1E Function" control item.
  7. Fixed the issue that system may hang when SATA port 4 in used.
  8. BIOS compiled date: 03/23/2005
BIOS: aa820.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2005/02/01
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Add EIST support.
  2. Enhance four 1GB memory support.
  3. FlashMenu now works when using EM64T CPU.
  4. Enhance DRAM compatibility.
  5. BIOS compiled date: 02/01/2005
BIOS: aa818.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2005/01/03
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Added EM64T wording on screen.
  2. Added "CPU Operating Speed" item adjustable with FSB 1066 CPUs.
  3. Enhanced PCI-E VGA performance.
  4. Fixed system hang when CMOS is cleared by Award Flash tool & SATA set as RAID.
  5. Corrected CPU brand name with certain FSB 1066 CPUs.
  6. Corrected "DRAM Frequency" wording in OC Guru.
  7. Supports FSB 1066 CPU overclocking function in ĀµGuru Preset Mode.
  8. Enhanced stability with P4EE CPUs.
  9. Calibrated certain CPU voltages in Preset Mode.
  10. Calibrated Hi Limit value of NB Voltage in ABIT EQ.
  11. Changed default RTC year to 2005.
  12. BIOS compile date: 01/03/2005
BIOS: aa817.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/10/01
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Add support AA8XE.
  2. Fixed an issue where after clear CMOS & into BIOS setting but not Load Optimized Default CPU clock show 0000MHz.
  3. Add wording "Interleaved Mode" or "Asymmetric Mode" after Dual Channel.
  4. Adjust CPU FAN Speed Low Limit to 300RPM.
  5. Add adjustable MAX & MIN multiplier item for certain retail INTEL CPU.
  6. Update CPU micro code.
  7. Fixed an auto wake up issue if system resume from standby mode before.
  8. Preserve USER Preset Mode in OC Guru, if CPU change.
  9. BIOS compile date: 10/01/2004
BIOS: aa815.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/08/20
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Updated CPU micro code.
  2. If system memory is not installed, an alarm will sound.
  3. Added "CPU feature" item in "Advanced BIOS Features".
  4. If FSB=533Mhz, DDR ratio=2:3.
  5. Fixed a POST failure issue if the TAB key is pressed continuously.
  6. Enabled "SATA MODE" item if "Onchip Serial ATA model" is set to "AUTO".
  7. Fixed an issue where "PCI-E Compliancy Mode" in "v1.0" results in a COMS CHECK COMS error.
  8. BIOS compile date: 08/20/2004
BIOS: aa814.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/07/22
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Enhanced CPU stability over 250MHz.
  2. Added "DDR600" item.
  3. Added "Game Accelerator" item.
  4. Enhanced SATA HDD stability.
  5. Added "Interleaved Mode" or "Asymmetric Mode" wording for Dual Channel mode, "Single Channel" for Single mode.
  6. BIOS compile date: 07/22/2004
BIOS: aa812.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/06/25
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. Supports P4 Extreme Edition CPUs
  2. Added DRAM Frequency & HOST/DRAM Clock items to post screen
  3. Added PWM Temperature 1 & 2 shutdown temperature maximums to 130 degree C.
  4. Revised DMI information.
  5. Updated CPU micro code.
  6. BIOS compile date: 06/25/2004
BIOS: aa811.exe  
Bios Issue Date:2004/05/26
Mirror Site: ASIA Europe US 
  1. First Release.
  2. BIOS compile date: 05/26/2004
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