Socket AM2
Socket AM2 is a processor socket for AMD® desktop CPUs, introduced in May 2006. One major improvement of the Socket AM2 is the support for dual channel DDR2 memory. Dual channel DDR2 offers 30% higher bandwidth while considerably lowering power consumption. This also results in less heat build-up thereby putting less stress on your system.
Dual Channel DDR2
This is the latest generation of DDR memory. It effectively doubles data transfer rate and bandwidth of DDR2 memory. To make optimal use of the Dual Channel capability a pair of identical memory modules must be placed in matching DIMM sockets. Those are color coded..
The Scalable Link Interface is a technology developed by nVidia® to link two or more graphics cards together. The linked graphics cards will effectively work as one graphic processing unit thereby potentially doubling the graphics processing power. To use SLI™, you can only use one graphics output and cannot use dual or multi-monitor output.

PCI Express also called PCIe
PCI Express is the next generation local interconnect on a motherboard. It effectively started supplementing the older PCI and AGP bus and has become the prevailing interconnect standard. End users in general get in general associate with PCI Express a graphics card slot on the motherboard. Here PCIe x8 or PCIe x16 are the most seen standards. PCIe in the meantime has replaced the AGP slot for graphics cards.

abit engineered
abit SoftMenu™
The original jumperless motherboard design allows for CPU setting changes completely through the BIOS. For GigaOverclocking! Boost your PC's Performance by up to 50%. Convenient and easy-to-use fine tuning from within a self-explanatory BIOS menu.
abit EQ™
Keep control over your hardware. abit EQ™ is an easy-to-use system monitor that helps you keep an eye on voltages, temperature items and fans.
abit CPU ThermalGuard™
The abit ThermalGuard™ technology prevents the CPU from overheating and burning up in the case of any hardware cooling malfunction. This hardware thermal protection automatically shuts down your system when the CPU temperature reaches a certain threshold.