abit is thrilled to participate in Fatal1ty Euro Retail Tour
Close Interactions with end-users in 8 cities of Europe

November 17, 2007 - Beginning November 17th, abit is thrilled to announce its participation in Fatal1ty Euro Retail Tour and have close interactions with users in 8 cities of Europe.
This tour will start November 18th through
December 1st and Fatal1ty Brand Partners will visit France, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, 8 cities of Europe, together with Fatal1ty and other Fatal1ty sponsors, to have a close interaction with Fatal1ty brand lovers.
Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel will be traveling across selected European countries at retail stores and LAN centers. Stops will feature Quake 4 Fatal1ty Shootouts, meet & greets, Fatal1ty Brand product shows, and a raffle to give you the chance to take home some sweet Fatal1ty prizes by abit and other Fatal1ty brand products.
Date Country
17-18 November Paris, France – Grosbill (retailer)
21 November Porto, Portugal – Novo Atalho (etailer)
24-25 November Poznan, Poland - Poznan Game Arena (LAN center)
26 November Berlin, Germany - MediaMarket (retailer)
27 November Berlin, Germany – Saturn (retailer)
28 November Oslo, Norway – Elkjop (retailer)
29 November Helsinki, Finland - Elkjop (retailer)
30 November Stockholm, Sweden - Elkjop (retailer)
1 December Copenhagen, Denmark - Elkjop (retailer)
November 17, 2007 -abit is thrilled to participate in Fatal1ty Euro Retail Tour
Madrid, Spain- November 9, 2007 -abit proudly participate in SIMO Show to promote Fatal1ty Brand Products
Calabasas, CA - October 17, 2007 -abit Excited about participation in all show to promote Fatal1ty brand products.